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Calflow (The Water Horse Pokemon) by Erron--Black Calflow (The Water Horse Pokemon) :iconerron--black:Erron--Black 1 3 Flufflint (The Fluffy Pokemon) by Erron--Black Flufflint (The Fluffy Pokemon) :iconerron--black:Erron--Black 4 3 Shepi (The Lamb Pokemon) by Erron--Black Shepi (The Lamb Pokemon) :iconerron--black:Erron--Black 4 3 Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS Wallpaper by Erron--Black Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS Wallpaper :iconerron--black:Erron--Black 42 7 Reptile (MKX) by Erron--Black Reptile (MKX) :iconerron--black:Erron--Black 5 9 Noob Saibot by Erron--Black Noob Saibot :iconerron--black:Erron--Black 3 5 Mileena (MKX) by Erron--Black Mileena (MKX) :iconerron--black:Erron--Black 3 2


Slurpuff and Reuniclus by NeonHeartThePony Slurpuff and Reuniclus :iconneonheartthepony:NeonHeartThePony 8 0 Mega Girafarig by Kottrman Mega Girafarig :iconkottrman:Kottrman 453 84 Phanpy (Cariosan Form) by DevilDman Phanpy (Cariosan Form) :icondevildman:DevilDman 109 15 Sableye Cariosan by DevilDman Sableye Cariosan :icondevildman:DevilDman 123 13 Young Genji by Ful-Fisk Young Genji :iconful-fisk:Ful-Fisk 189 6 Genji by JICheshire Genji :iconjicheshire:JICheshire 443 14 Alola Forms: Solosis + Gothita by Smiley-Fakemon Alola Forms: Solosis + Gothita :iconsmiley-fakemon:Smiley-Fakemon 827 199 Project Fakemon: Mega Reuniclus by XXD17 Project Fakemon: Mega Reuniclus :iconxxd17:XXD17 73 9 F.U.S.E Corp Special: Mukreunidol by Dragonith F.U.S.E Corp Special: Mukreunidol :icondragonith:Dragonith 658 35


So I'm getting one of those fancy electronic drawing tablets for Christmas. So I guess that means no more low quality paper drawings? x)
Just updated my Fakedex with what I based each Fakemon on! :)
Just uploaded the starters and I have Sluggle, Tufduck, and Porcrest in the works as of this post. Sketches are done for them, just need to get some coloring done! :)
Calflow (The Water Horse Pokemon)
(i thought this was a genius idea, but idk how well i did it?)

Calflow, the Water Horse Pokemon
Water type
Abilities: Torrent/Pressure Blaster
Stats: 80/30/60/70/50/30 BST: 320

"Calflow are very rare Pokemon, once thought to be myths. They wear a sad expression to fool people and other Pokemon."

Learnset: (Soon to come)

Gamefreak owns Pokemon, I own Calflow ^.^
Flufflint (The Fluffy Pokemon)
(I actually drew this one first and not the grass starter, sue me.)

Flufflint, the Fluffy Pokemon
Fire type
Abilities: Blaze/Venom
Stats: 40/80/40/30/40/90 BST: 320

"Flufflint have an incredible sense of smell and hearing, but can't see very far. Their ears light up when they're upset."

Learnset: (Soon to come)

Gamefreak owns Pokemon, I own Flufflint. ^.^



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Alymian Forms: Similar to Alolan Forms, except these Pokemon adapted to Alym in their own unique ways which will be explained, these are not exclusive to any generation of Pokemon either.

Alymian Phanpy (Grass) [Iron Barbs, Sap Sipper/Heatproof] (Basis: Asian Elephants)
- Phanpy were imported to Alym from the Johto region, however, their natural badlands habitat doesn't exist in Alym, so the Phanpy took to the rainforests of Alym and overtime adapted to the lush forests there by prematurely growing tusks in order to navigate through the thick forested areas easier, they also gained some predators that were thinning the population which caused them to take on a forest camouflage appearance to hide from their predators.
Alymian Donphan (Grass/Steel) [Iron Barbs, Sap Sipper/Heatproof]

Alymian Granbull (Fairy/Fighting) [Intimidate, Reckless/Anger Point] (Basis: Pitbull)
- The wild Granbull in the Alym region were harshly threatened by the tough and strong Pokemon they shared their habitat with and were actually nearing extinction in Alym, the small population of remaining Granbull adapted overtime and sustained the population just long enough for them to overcome the Pokemon that threatened their existence. Alymian Granbull no longer have their large fangs and instead have pure, brute strength, and are now fully quadrupedal because of this.

Alymian Dewgong (Water/Grass) [Thick Fat, Leaf Guard/Swift Swim] (Basis: Manatees)
- The Dewgong in Alym had to flee their natural habitat due to the intense competition of Walrein and Crystwhal in the colder parts of the ocean, and found themselves in the warmer tropics. However, their bright white bodies that made great camouflage in the icy oceans made them easy prey for Sharpedo in the warmer, seaweed infested waters of the tropical waters. This forced the Dewgong to adapt to the seaweed forests of the ocean and take on a leafy camouflage to peacefully graze on the seaweed and hide from the Sharpedo that lurk in the ocean.

Alymian Ekans (Water) [Swift Swim, Rattled/Berserk] (Basis: Sea Snakes)
- Due to the forests, Ekans' natural habitat in Alym, getting too crowded and other Pokemon preying on their main food source, the Ekans in Alym fled to the shores and oceans of Alym and eventually adapted to living in the coral reefs of the Alymian Coasts. Their venom is still present, but not as strong as a normal Ekans', and is actually pure enough to be used in medicines.
Alymian Arbok (Water) [Swift Swim, Rattled/Berserk]

Alymian Shroomish (Psychic) [Analytic, Forewarn/Moody] (Basis: Brain Mushroom)
- Shroomish in Alym migrated to the Withered Woods, as the hot and humid forests common around Alym weren't a suitable environment for Shroomish to live in. After living in the paranormal woods for so long, the Shroomish's appearance changed and their intelligence improved drastically. They also produce a toxin that covers their wrinkled bodies that causes paralysis to anyone that comes in contact with a Shroomish.
Alymian Breloom (Psychic/Poison) [Analytic, Poison Point/Psychic Surge]

Alymian Spoink (Psychic/Steel) [Magic Bounce, Overcoat/Filter] (Basis: Babirusa)
- Alymian Spoink have overcome their need to continuously bounce in order to keep their heart beating, instead, it's large pearl absorbs psychic energy that acts as a fuel to keep it's heart beating, if they can't acquire enough power then their heart will stop as they can no longer use the shock of bouncing up and down to keep it beating. They have developed a thick, hard skin, almost like metal, which protects them from the harsh weather conditions of the Lavalands they live in. Locals say the Spoink adapted this way by actually consuming the lava glass in this area, however it's still unknown as to how the Spoink adapted so strangely.
Alymian Grumpig (Psychic/Steel) [Magic Bounce, Overcoat/Filter]

Alymian Hippopotas (Water/Ground) [Drizzle/Water Veil] (Basis: Pygmy Hippopotamus)
- Due to there being no sandy deserts in Alym, the Hippopotas that live in Alym are drastically different from Hippopotas in other regions. Instead of spending time in dry, arid places and expelling sand, Hippopotas in Alym spend their times in lakes and ponds and expel water. They now love to be wet and hate being dry. They're extremely friendly and seem to not care about territory as much as their sandy counterparts. They're strangely smaller and quicker than normal Hippopotas and Hippowdon as well!
Alymian Hippowdon (Water/Ground) [Drizzle/Water Veil]

Alymian Gliscor (Ground/Poison) [Poison Touch, Corrosion/Merciless] (Basis: Arabian Fat-Tailed Scorpion)
- The Gliscor in Alym are different from other Gliscor as their bodies adapted continuously to the toxins and poisons they consume from their prey, eventually developing their own deadly poison glands in their claws, fangs, and tail. This poison can be so deadly it can affect Pokemon that have a natural resistance to poisons and venom. Due to this adaptation, Gliscor also lost it's flying capabilities, eventually losing their wings completely. Now the Gliscor live in the caves of Alym and are dangerous nocturnal land predators that will not hesitate to attack anything that approaches them.

Alymian Litwick (Ghost/Electric) [Volt Absorb, Illuminate/Electric Surge] (Basis: Modern day electrical lights)
- Due to the advanced technology in Alym, Litwick have adapted similarly to mankind's light sources and now mimic modern day electrical lights. At first, Litwick attempted to fool humans and other Pokemon like regular Litwick do in order to steal their life force, however these attempts failed over and over, now most Alymian Litwick tend to live with humans, providing them light in exchange for electrical power. Some locals in Alym claim that the Litwick will still steal life force from the humans they reside with if they don't provide them with the electrical power they need.
Alymian Lampent (Ghost/Electric) [Volt Absorb, Illuminate/Electric Surge]
Alymian Chandelure (Ghost/Electric) [Volt Absorb, Illuminate/Electric Surge]

Alymian Solosis (Poison) [Overcoat, Virus/Regenerator] (Basis: Viruses/Diseased Cells/Parasites)
- Solosis in Alym began to die off at rapid rates when they were first introduced to the region. Scientists were oblivious to the cause as Solosis is known to be able to live in any environment, no matter how severe. Eventually it was discovered that introducing them to Alym also introduced them to a deadly virus which infected the population of Solosis. After a couple decades with no trace of any remaining Solosis, they were declared extinct in the area, until they were recently rediscovered hidden away in the caves of Alym with an altered appearance. It seems that the 'disease' was more like a parasite that overpowered the Solosis' nervous system and took control of it. Alymian Solosis prefer dark and cold areas and grow stronger by eating and absorbing venoms and toxins.
Alymian Duosion (Poison) [Overcoat, Virus/Regenerator]
Alymian Reuniclus (Poison) [Overcoat, Virus/Regenerator]

Alymian Pumpkaboo (Grass/Fire) [Illuminate, Flame Body/Flash Fire] (Basis: Remains the same)
-Alymian Pumpkaboo are found in the Fire Marsh. Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist were brought to Alym from Kalos for a holiday called Fall Festival, after the festival, many Pumpkaboo were released into the wilds of Alym where they found their home in the outskirts of the Fire Marsh, the intense heat of the region harmed the Pumpkaboo, and in order to protect themselves the adapted an oil-like covering around their bodies that protected them from the dangers of the fire. Every time the Fall Festival rolls around, Gourgeist travel to the outskirts of the Fire Marsh to raise Pumpkaboo.
Alymian Gourgeist (Grass/Fire) [Illuminate, Flame Body/Flash Fire]

Alymian Helioptile (Electric/Fire) [Solar Power, Flash Fire/Firepower] (Basis: Remains the same)
- Alymian Helioptile are located in the Fire Marsh, similarly to Alymian Gourgeist, which, due to the excessive heat from the sun and lava around the area, altered the appearance of Helioptile. Wild Alymian Helioptile take in so much solar power and heat energy that it's hard for them to contain it, so they are constantly spew electrical fire almost constantly, so a trainer that owns one must be extremely cautious and must take care of their heat and solar power intake, because if they absorb too much, they can explode in flames!
Alymian Heliolisk (Electric/Fire) [Solar Power, Flash Fire/Firepower]

Alymian Dewpider (Bug/Ghost) [Soul Bubble/Soul Eater] (Basis: Soul Eater/Soul Collector)
- The Dewpider in Alym are apparently, and oddly enough found in the Cave of Desolation, a cave known for it's paranormal activity and ghost sightings. Not much is known about them, but they're said to have a bubble of souls on their head rather than a bubble of water. Legends say the Dewpider originally lived in the lake in the cave and after the Disruption Event that happened ages ago, the souls of the dead fled to the cave and with Dewpider and Araquanid's hospitality and friendliness, took the souls in their bubbles to protect them from the likes of Pokemon like Dusknoir, eventually altering their appearance. The souls Alymian Dewpider 'collect' or 'protect' also give it extra power and strength.
Alymian Araquanid (Bug/Ghost) [Soul Bubble/Soul Eater]

Alymian Fomantis (Bug/Dark) [Swarm/Sharp Edge] (Basis: Ornate Mantis)
- Fomantis in Alym live in the Withered Woods, the reason being is similar to Alymian Shroomish and Breloom. The dull, brown colors of the forests, cause the Fomantis and Lurantis in Alym to take on a similar coloration, and their limbs are much thinner allowing for them to make quick escapes from threats, or pursue fleeing prey with extreme speed.
Alymian Lurantis (Bug/Dark) [Swarm/Sharp Edge]


Mega Parasect (Parasectite)
Bug/Grass [Parasitic Mind]
Mega Hypno (Hypnotite)
Psychic [No Guard]
Mega Lanturn (Lanturite)
Water/Electric [Volt Absorb]
Mega Girafarig (Girafarite)
Psychic/Dark [Adaptability]
Mega Tropius (Tropiusite)
Grass/Flying [Aerilate]
Mega Milotic (Miloticite)
Water/Fairy [Multiscale]
Mega Lumineon (Lumineonite)
Water [Water Veil]
Mega Weavile (Weavilite)
Dark/Ice [Technician]
Mega Mienshao (Mienshaonite)
Fighting [Regenerator]
Mega Cinccino (Cinccinite)
Normal [Skill Link]
Mega Slurpuff (Slurpuffite)
Fairy [Serene Grace]
Mega Goodra (Goodrite)
Dragon [Gooey]
Mega Crabominable (Crabominite)
Fighting/Ice [Fur Coat]
Mega Komala (Komalite)
Normal [Comatose]


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